선물용 특선
 비건/ 베지테리언/ Vegan
 면역력 증진
 건강생활 / 가정상비
 천연영양제/ 종합비타민
  비타민 A & E & K
 칼슘/ 마그네슘/ 미네랄
 약초/ 허브 추출물
 과일 /열매 추출물
 그린 수퍼푸드 Green Super Food
 버섯류 /마이다케 / AHCC
 오메가3 / DHA / 피시오일
 COQ10/ 코엔자임Q10/ 유비퀴놀
 대사효소/Metabolic Enzyme
 소화효소 Digest Enzyme
 유산균/ 장유익균/ 프로바이오틱스
 로얄젤리 /프로폴리스/ 꿀벌제품
 감기 / 호흡기/ 알러지
 항생 / 항염 / 항균/ 통증
 항산화/ 알파리포산/ 먹는수소
 항암 / 면역증강 /대체요법
 콜레스테롤/심혈관 /성인병
 당뇨 / 혈당
 관절염/ 연골재생/퇴행성
 골다공 / 뼈건강
 활력/피로회복/ 노화방지
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   > 라이프 비타민 C 백색분말 Vitamin C Powder 1 LB, LEX >
: 라이프 비타민 C 백색분말 Vitamin C Powder 1 LB, LEX
상품이름 : 라이프 비타민 C 백색분말 Vitamin C Powder 1 LB, LEX  
사용용도 : 항산화 및 면역력 증강
포장용량: 454 g
제조회사 : Life Extension
정상가격 : $28.99  (25%off)
할인가격 : $21.74 (23,900원)
적립금 : 299P
백색 고순도 + 위산 방지제품
개수선택 :

주요성분 : 비타민 C 백색 파우더
이용방법 : 1 티스푼 을 물에 타서 녹인후 음용
주의사항 :
  * 어린이 손길을 피하여 건조한곳에 보관
* 공복에 는 드시지 마십시오
* 권장섭취량 이상 많이 드시지 마십시오
* 처음에 고용량 을 공복에 드시면 설사 하실수 있으므로
처음에는 적은용량 부터 시작 하며, 공복을 피하여 드시기 바랍니다.
제품설명 :

비타민 C 파우더 Buffered Vitamin C Powder

Buffered Vitamin C Powder
용량 : 454.6 grams
Item Catalog Number: 00084
색상 : 백색 분말 ( 최상급)

라이프 익스텐션 사의 비타민C 파우더 는 고순도 고품질 백색분말 제품으로
특히 미네랄 로 비타민-C 의 산성을 중화하여 ( Buffered) 드신후
위가 약하신 분들의 속이 쓰리거나 위산이 역류하는 것을 방지한 제품 입니다.

이용방법 : 1일 1회 식후 비타민C 파우더 를 1 티스푼 물에 타서 드십니다.
* 물에 타신후 거품이 꺼질때가지 약간 기다리신후 드십니다.

성분 함량 : Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 rounded teaspoon (approx. 5 g) 1 티스푼( 5g) 당
Servings Per Container approximately 90 ( 용량= 90 회 분)

Amount Per Serving
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 4000 mg

Calcium (as calcium ascorbate) 145 mg
Magnesium (as magnesium ascorbate) 55 mg
Zinc (as zinc ascorbate) 2 mg
Potassium (as potassium ascorbate) 365 mg

Other ingredients: none. 기타성분 없음

This product contains NO milk, egg, fish, peanuts, crustacean shellfish (lobster, crab, shrimp), soybeans, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, gluten, corn, or rice. Contains NO sugar, and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or preservatives.
본제품은 일체의 우유, 계란, 생선,땅콩, 갑각류, 콩, 트리넛, 밀, 이스트, 옥수수,
쌀, 설탕, 인공감미료, 인공향료, 인공색소, 또는 방부제 가 함유되지 않았습니다.

Dosage and Use
Mix one teaspoon of Buffered Vitamin C Powder into a glass of water.
Wait for the fizz to stop before consuming.
The minerals buffer out the normally acidic vitamin C to make a pleasant tasting drink.

Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble substance found in citrus fruits and green vegetables. An important antioxidant, vitamin C protects the body from free radicals and fights oxidative stress,40,41 both of which threaten the immune system. In fact, a major immune-supporting activity of vitamin C is boosting glutathione levels in human lympho-cytes,42 cells that make up about 25% of all white blood cells in the blood.

Scientists have determined that the body needs high levels of vitamin C during periods of stress.43,44

Because humans do not manufacture vitamin C internally, it must be obtained through dietary sources or supplements. Few people realize, however, that vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient that is quickly oxidized and excreted by the body,45 which limits its efficacy. Until now, those seeking to capture vitamin C’s optimal health benefits have had no choice but to consume it several times throughout the day.

Fortunately, a flavonoid antioxidant known as dihydroquercetin functions as a vitamin C “supercharger.” Studies demonstrate that dihydroquercetin acts to inhibit the oxidation of vitamin C, thereby helping to maintain its concentration and to recycle vitamin C throughout the body.46,47 This synergistic relationship between dihydroquercetin and vitamin C greatly enhances the efficacy of both molecules in the body’s organs and tissues.

Vitamin C with Dihydroquercetin was formulated for those seeking to obtain optimal efficacy and antioxidant protection from their vitamin C supplement.

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is a white, crystalline, water-soluble substance found in citrus fruits and green vegetables. As an antioxidant, vitamin C scavenges free radicals in the body and protects tissues from oxidative stress.15-18,21-24 Vitamin C also promotes the absorption of iron, while preventing its oxidation.19,20,25-27 Vitamin C is a vital co-factor to the formation of collagen, the connective tissue that supports arterial walls, skin, bones, and teeth.22-27

More vitamin C is contained in the adrenal glands than any other organ in the body and is required at higher levels during times of stress.28,31 Physical stresses on the body such as ingestion of heavy metals,32-37 cigarette smoking,38-41 infections,45 extreme temperatures,46-50 and chronic use of certain medications such as aspirin also signal the need for increased intake of vitamin C.51

Vitamin C Powder contains four buffering minerals, in addition to ascorbic acid. When mixed with water, this product produces a reduced acid solution that is non-irritating to the stomach or intestinal lining. The minerals also make it a more pleasant-tasting and healthful drink. The substances used in this product make it effervesce for a short while when first mixed
with water.

Ascorbic acid is the acidic form of vitamin C, and even when encapsulated can cause gastric upset or diarrhea for some people. This can often be alleviated by consuming it with meals. Start with a low dose then gradually increase. If you have a stomach ulcer, use an antacid, buffering agent, or a buffered form of vitamin C. Calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide are effective antacids. Unbuffered ascorbic acid in the mouth may be harmful to tooth enamel.

비타민c분말 비타민c 분말, 라이프익스텐션,비타민씨

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